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Maternal Mental Health

Posted on May 1, 2013 at 6:57 AM Comments comments (0)
Happy May!  A new month, a new season!  While flowers are blooming all around us, so are mothers and families!  May is maternal mental health awareness month so let us embrace and celebrate them! 

Maternal wellness encompasses a variety of elements.  There's physical wellness, of course.  As moms, we try our best to follow up with our OB/GYN's, our family physicians, eye doctors, etc.  What else constitutes a mothers' wellness?  Community outreach?  Playgroups?  Getting the laundry done....checking off all of the to do's?  Dare I mention.....the mothers' mental health?!  

A new mother is more at risk of developing depression or anxiety in the months following childbirth than at any other point in her life!  It is imperative that we make maternal mental health a priority in our follow up care to new families.  This can occur in a variety of settings - OB/GYN offices, pediatricians, moms groups and support groups. 

Maternal mental health is not just important to new moms but to "established" moms as well!  It can be a struggle to define yourself beyond a mom once you've stayed home to raise you children for a number of years.  Now that the older kids are in school all day, what's your role?  This disconnect from where you found yourself for so many years can be very disorienting.  Without the proper education, support and nurturing, these moms are at risk for depression, anxiety and struggles with low self esteem.  It's vitally important that we support these women in the next chapter of their life - mom and also a new woman with a new sense of purpose!  

So, as you're buying that Mother's Day card for your mom, wife, sister, consider what you're personal message of support will be for that special woman in your life.  Will you support her mothering, her personal and/or professional dreams, her creativity?  

Because the expressed support of our loved ones means so much more than they know...... 

Best time of your life???

Posted on April 24, 2013 at 9:53 PM Comments comments (1)
Congratulations!  Isn’t this just the best time of your life?!  You must be so happy!  These early moments are so precious! 

Sound familiar?  Are you hearing these words from your friends & family and not really feeling “right”?  Are you struggling with how you “should” be feeling and how you actually are feeling about being a new mom?  Well, you are not alone!  Many women (at least 1 in 7) experience some form of postpartum stress, anxiety, and mood disorders. 

The bad news:  this feels pretty terrible right now.  You’re not sleeping, you’re feeling sad/lonely/anxious, you’re not feeling very connected to your baby and who is that person you’re living with?  Oh, that’s your partner!  Remember him/her?  It can be tough on the marriage too!

The great news:  THERE IS HELP!  This is not something you need to struggle with alone and, with treatment, you will feel better!  Your mood will improve, your relationships will improve, you will feel like “you” again! 

It takes an incredible amount of strength and courage to stand up and say “I’m not feeling right and I need some help”.  When you’re ready to take that leap, I’m ready to catch you!