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Benefits of Journaling

Posted on February 11, 2015 at 9:26 AM
Journaling can be incredibly beneficial to relieve stress, regulate emotion and organize your thoughts. How to begin? Start with whatever is on your heart - try not to pay attention to punctuation or how eloquent is sounds. Remember this is an activity just for YOU. 
Looking for some "starters"? Here are a few suggestions. I'd love to hear your thoughts on journaling - what works for you, what doesn't?

Hope is.....
Happiness is......
My wellness is connected to......
When I picture a happy life I see......
What makes me a good mom/dad, wife/husband, friend, a good daughter/son, etc.....
Some of my strengths are.....(give detailed examples and why you view these as personal strengths)
I have a lot to offer myself, others, the world because......

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